Thursday, April 17, 2014

NO FAITH!...Exodus 32:30

Exodus 32:30 The next day Moses said to the people, “You have committed a terrible sin, but I will go back up to the Lord on the mountain. Perhaps I will be able to obtain forgiveness for your sin.” 

Aaron, had built a golden calf for the people because the people lost hope in Moses as he had gone up the mountain. The people made a grave mistake, after all that God had done for them, all the miracles he had given them to free them from bondage in Egypt. The 10 plagues...They gave up on God! Does this sound familiar? How many times do you hear someone say, Why would God allow...suffering, pain, crime, murder, child abuse...I can go on & on but the complaint is always the same...NO FAITH! They give up and surrender. 

But Moses went back to God and asked Him to forgive them...Exodus 32:31-32 So Moses returned to the Lord and said, “Oh, what a terrible sin these people have committed. They have made gods of gold for themselves. But now, if you will only forgive their sin—but if not, erase my name from the record you have written!” 

God had a different plan. He said no, I will deal with them justly but you need to fulfill your mission and keep moving forward! Exodus 32:31-34 But the Lord replied to Moses, “No, I will erase the name of everyone who has sinned against me. Now go, lead the people to the place I told you about. Look! My angel will lead the way before you. And when I come to call the people to account, I will certainly hold them responsible for their sins.” 

My point is this...Don't lose faith in God. Just because life doesnt go your way, you dont get what you want, because you have to endure pain in this life, dont lose Faith in your Lord! Take heed to what happened to the people Moses lead out of Egypt who gave up on God. Exodus 32:35 Then the Lord sent a great plague upon the people because they had worshiped the calf Aaron had made

Sometimes bad things happen because we invite trouble by turning our back to God. These people gave up on God, turned their back on their Lord and what did they expect. I would think twice before I judge God on the events in my life or face His judgement. And we wonder why bad things happen to people without faith...

Father forgive us of our attitude and disbelief, give us discerment and a second chance to repent of our sins! Thank you for your sending your son, Jesus to die in our place so that we could have that second chance. Its now up to us to choose Jesus! Praise your name Father always! In Jesus's name we pray, AMEN!

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